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Lighting Control Solutions

We are true experts in automated lighting. With the installation of modern and smart lighting solutions, not only will your home provide a better living experience, but it will cost less money to run and maintain.”


Lighting is one of the first things you notice when you enter a room, too much can be uncomfortable yet not enough can put a strain on the eyes.  A smart lighting solution will provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed; minimising energy usage at the same time.

You will also gain the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface, allowing custom lighting scenes to be created for different activities or moods from a single button press!

When building new or renovating you should be installing a lighting control solution from us at Customtek

Why Choose Us for Lighting Automation in Auckland

At Customtek, we have extensive experience providing lighting automation solutions across Auckland. This includes installing lighting automation in new build properties and in homes that are being renovated, as well as installing wireless lighting control solutions in homes where building work isn’t taking place.

  • Not only do we have extensive experience, but we also stay at the cutting edge of the industry. We use the latest technologies and each member of our team is highly trained.
  • Our lighting automation services and solutions are available throughout Auckland. Contact us today on 021 615 312 to get a quote and to find out more.
  • This knowledge and expertise will ensure you get the right lighting automation solution for your requirements. It also ensures your new system is properly installed and configured. Plus, as we only install the best lighting automation products on the market, you can be sure of the quality, range of features, and durability of your solution.


Lighting control is not limited to just inside. In fact outdoor lighting can add even more convenience and security to your home and lifestyle. Imagine arriving home late at night; as you pull into the driveway your exterior garage lights turn. As you walk up to the front door the tread lights and entry light brighten up the footpath; all of these light circuits will automatically turn off without touching any switch…cool! The same scene will run when your not at home; detracting would be burglars and protecting your home.

Automating your outdoor lighting turns the ordinary to extraordinary! 


KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control. We are KNX certified integrator’s and only use KNX lighting products for all our wired lighting systems. Because KNX is an open protocol there are 426 manufacturers from all over the world producing KNX lighting products. This creates a vibrant and competitive market with new products, better technology and better market pricing. 


KNX has a huge range of light switch finishes, unlike many of it’s proprietary brand competitors which have a very limited selection. KNX can turn any NZ standard light switch into a smart switch, along with super luxurious offerings if the budget allows.


Reduced wall clutter for larger open plan rooms. Rather than have many confusing light switches and trying to remember what switch operates what; have one touch panel to simplify control and keep the wall clean.

Create your own personalised lighting scenes and recall with a single button press; Welcome Home turns on all open plan living lights, Goodnight ensures all lights are off, Party turns on all outdoor lights-turns on feature wall lights-turns open plan lights on to 20%-all RGB lights on.

Simplified dimming control for lights. Whip out your phone for instant and precise control, no more unsightly on-wall knobs.

Save energy and money. Some estimates suggest a smarter lighting system can reduce costs by up to 80%

Added security with outdoor lighting sensors to scare off potential thieves as they approach your home at night or when your away on holiday


For all new build and renovations we only recommend a KNX wired system; but what about homeowners who are not building or renovating? Fear not as we offer wireless smart lighting control which we retrofit to your existing lighting circuits. You get all the same functionality, features and benefits of a wired system without the massive cost of a retrofit installation.


The process is simple; Add an ELAN control system, a VERA Edge Z-Wave Controller then add z-wave modules to all the existing lighting circuits around your home. The z-wave module sits behind your existing light switch’s making them smart. 

Home Theatre Systems Installation Auckland

“With the push of a button from your control panel, you can automatically play your favourite movie, dim the lights and close the curtains”


It’s now possible to have a mind blowing movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home; using the latest surround sound format’s Dolby Atmos or DTS-X and the latest 4K video technology.

Our most common solution is to transform your open plan living room into a discrete theatre room while retaining the modern open plan look and feel. Our customised solution will blend into the room not dominate it; and most importantly get the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

This is achieved by installing seven virtually invisible, high quality, in ceiling or in wall speakers; and to get the impact of a great action movie a sub-woofer is required. This too can be installed into the wall or tucked away in the corner.

Home theatre dramatically enhances your TV viewing experience with 360 degree, immersive surround sound.  


For the ultimate cinematic experience let us custom design your very own cinema room. What makes a great cinema room…a larger than life projection screen and ground shaking, organ rattling sound!

  • Staged seating to accommodate more people

  • Acoustic wall treatment to optimise the room for the best sound

  • Feature lighting from wall lights, full colour changing strip lighting and maybe even a star light ceiling!

  • A great control system from ELAN; hit ‘Movie Time’ button, the projector fires up, lights dim, screen drops….


 We are certified ELAN Home Systems integrator’s and use their products exclusively for all our audio visual and home automation projects.

 ELAN delivers smart home control and automation personalised for you. With an ELAN system the world of entertainment is at your command

 No more table full on confusing remotes. Your customised Media Room will be expertly controlled via a single, elegant, user friendly interface that every family member can use. ELAN gives you the flexibility of full control across multiple devices; from an ELAN remote, ELAN touch panel, personal tablet or your own phone.

 I highly recommend an ELAN remote with every installation, for it’s simplicity and convenience. With back lit buttons, customised screen and a tactile response when buttons are pressed; even the eldest family members will find it easy.

 Whether you’re watching a game, the latest 3D movie or listening to Spotify, an ELAN solution simplifies and enhances your home entertainment experience. away on holiday

Multi Room Audio Specialist’s

“Don’t limit your entertainment to just one area within your home. Access and play your favourite tunes throughout your home with multi room audio”


Multi room audio has been around for many years. Basically as the name suggests, multi room audio means music in multiple rooms. By installing speakers throughout your home, you can stream all your favourite tracks with full control from your mobile device, an in-wall keypad, tablets or dedicated room remotes.

For the most reliable multi room audio experience a fully wired solution should always be considered ahead of the ever increasing and popular wireless system’s available today…especially if building new or undertaking a large renovation project. Centralising all your media in a hub, installing high quality in-ceiling or in-wall speakers and hard wiring the network connection’s, not only keeps the installation aesthetically pleasing and discrete, but far more robust!

Have a house full of teenage kids who have their own Spotify accounts and music taste’s? No problem as each room can listen to different accounts, different volumes, no stress!

The most popular room’s for multi room audio are; the open plan living areas, master bedrooms and outdoor living areas


  • If cabling restrictions or budget won’t allow for a wired solution then I would personally recommend the wireless options from Bluesound. Like all it’s competitors, Bluesound has a family of wireless speakers available, with an easy to use mobile app. However what makes Bluesound stand out from the rest is all their speakers support Hi Resolution Audio playback. our team is highly trained.
  • Bluesound is not a computer company masquerading as an audio company. They are made by audiophiles for audiophiles. While Bluesound is compatible with MP3s, their players are also compatible with just about every other digital format that’s available, including MQA for those who will settle for nothing less than studio-master-quality sound. Combining sleek and modern design sensibilities with a spare-no-expense attitude on the integration of advanced, innovative audio technologies. on 021 615 312 to get a quote and to find out more.


“There’s no need to wait until you get home to switch on your heat pump. We’ll let you do it from anywhere, at any time”


At Customtek we can give you total control over the temperature in your home. Our automated solutions from KNX and ELAN will allow you to set customised schedules, ensuring you wake up or return to a cosy or refreshing home depending on the weather. We can automate any NZ heat pump, whether they are high wall installs or ducted system’s; and also any underfloor heating system to operate only when you are home or about to return, meaning maximum comfort while minimising power bills.

We can reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems with automatic or controlled curtains and blinds. For example, we can reduce heating up your house in summer by programming your curtains and blinds to close automatically while you are out. Automatic curtains and blinds give you so much convenience…imagine a single button press every morning to open your entire home and the opposite action to close your home at night.

We can even create the ultimate system, where you never touch a single button; your home thinks for itself! The temperature remains constant throughout summer or winter while you are home, the blinds and curtains close when the outside light levels drop…WOW


Along with all our home automation expertise, our fully qualified electrician can provide the full range of general electrical services. From simple stuff like power points and switchboard electrical to major renovations and outdoor lighting, we have it covered. So whether you’re designing a new home from scratch, wanting to renovate or just have an odd job, we’ll tailor a solution. And we’ll make sure it fits within your overall budget.

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