hiriri rd

Our client at Hiriri Avenue now has fully structured cabling thoughtout the entire house so, from any wired point they can connect a phone, an internet connection and stream high definition TV sources such as Netflix or YouTube.

Their security system has cameras covering the front of the home and the alarm has ‘stay’ mode so it is fully armed in specific areas throughout the house but the residents won’t set it off at night. Their 7.1 home theatre system is fitted with in-ceiling speakers and the TV is wall mounted for the ultimate cinema experience. The client can stream Spotify or whichever audio they choose to the master bedroom, outdoor deck and for work-at-home days they can even stream music to their office!
They have full KNX light systems for all bedrooms, their living room, kitchen, dining room and the garden to create the perfect ambience inside and out.

For extra security we fitted an intercom for visitors and the client can answer this from inside the house on any mobile device. And, even if they are out of the country they can still answer the intercom to monitor who is coming and going!

System starting from $40,000+gst

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