next level climate control

“There’s no need to wait until you get home to switch on your heat pump. We’ll let you do it from anywhere, at any

At Customtek we can give you total control over the temperature in your home. Our automated solutions from KNX and ELAN will allow you to set customised schedules, ensuring you wake up or return to a cosy or refreshing home depending on the weather. We can automate any NZ heat pump, whether they are high wall installs or ducted system’s; and also any underfloor heating system to operate only when you are home or about to return, meaning maximum comfort while minimising power bills.

We can reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems with automatic or controlled curtains and blinds. For example, we can reduce heating up your house in summer by programming your curtains and blinds to close automatically while you are out. Automatic curtains and blinds give you so much convenience…imagine a single button press every morning to open your entire home and the opposite action to close your home at night.

We can even create the ultimate system, where you never touch a single button; your home thinks for itself! The temperature remains constant throughout summer or winter while you are home, the blinds and curtains close when the outside light levels drop…WOW

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